We offer customized solutions in the areas of machine vision and artificial intelligence. From us, you can expect:

Artificial intelligence

We develop custom made programs, where AI is used to transfrom key information into automated or semi-automated decisions. We forecast the occurence of errors, absences, events and more.

We pride ourselves in finding the best price/performace ratio together with our clients. We step into the shoes of our clients and develop a solution that will bring the key added value to the final customer.

Machine vision

We implement full control of products with the best performing equipment of well-known manufacturers.

The process of cooperation with our partners

  • Defining the problem
  • Looking for solutions together
  • Defining the goal
  • Project design and creation
  • Searching, collecting and processing data, attributes, augmentation, visualization...
  • UI models creation, optimization
  • Presentation of project draft/pilot/feasibility study
  • Including third parties, if necessary
  • Changing parameters, fine adjustments
  • Connection with sstems for automated data acquisition
  • Creating reports, user interface and connections
  • KPI achievement review
  • Final production
  • Transfer of knowledge, solution or algorithm to the client

An agency that uses data to optimize and automate your processes and generate new information for forecasting and decision making.

Contact us:


Pungert 26, 4220 Škofja Loka, Slovenia


00386 31 556 756